Software Solutions

Give a system to your business. Routine activities can be performed by a software.
Gain the key information for your decision making.
We offer solutions and software tailored to your specific needs.

How we process SW


At the beginning contact us if you have our e-mail (e.g. from our websites or you have received some references about us already from your coleagues or friends.

During our first meeting we get a personalized insight into how we can help you achieve your goals. Technologies are our hobby and we would like to advice you how to take the advantage of them in your business.

After our first meetings we prepare an offer based on your needs and questions.

Our offer can be both utilization and adjustment of a complete solution or development of a new system. The main aim is to make your business easier and make possibilities to your development.

The quote and deadlines will be included in this offer.

We will be in a close personal or distance contact during the analysis. We will need a lot of information to create a high-quality proposal.

Very important is who will work with the system, which information you want to enter and what the output should be.

We provide you the proposal as a project documentation. The data model, design of graphic user interface, wireframes, description of controls functionality are included.

After your approval of the proposal is the next step the production of the system. There will be the participation of graphic designers, user interface specialists, developers, software architects, etc. We stay in a close contact with you and keep you informed during the development.

The testing is one of the most important parts of project. You will obtain the fully tested system. During your trial of the system you will be trained by our experts. Next your remarks will be processed. We use clear and easy helpdesk system for effective communication.

Software systems are very important for running of the business. Their failure can be very problematic. Therefore, we provide monitoring of the system, the maintenance and the user support. Thanks to the maintenance you have the assurance of the continuously using of the system.

Have not you found yet what are you searching for?
Describe your need to us and we will make the system tailored exactly to yours need!